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Dales Valley Electric is the highest-rated electrician in North Hills. Since 1967, we have attended to the electrical needs of businesses and homeowners situated in various parts of North Hills, also known as Sepulveda. Our family-owned business specializes in the installation of new meters and offers electrical services during kitchen remodels. 

Call Professional, Skilled Electrician in North Hills 

Many residents of North Hills want to economize. Although it’s a good idea considering the economic crisis, it’s not a good idea to cut costs when it comes to repairing electrical issues. It means that if you have electrical problems at home or in your office, it has to be dealt with by the right professionals. 

Troubleshoot Electrical Problems 

You don’t call an electrician every day. Rather, you only call one if there’s an electricity problem going on in your home. But don’t attempt to troubleshoot the issue on your own. Instead, you need to call a licensed, experienced electrician who knows how to analyze the problem and provide the best solution. 

Need a Qualified Electrician for Backup Generators in North Hills? 

Backup generators are complex that require the expertise of a licensed professional electrician. North Hills experiences power outages now and again. When the power is out, your life will be completely disrupted. You don’t want that. 

That’s why many residents in North Hills choose to have backup generators in their homes to ensure that their activities won’t be disrupted. But don’t attempt to install the generator on your own. Instead, opt to hire a qualified electrician to help you find the right generator that meets your specific needs. Keep in mind that amateur installation would mean serious consequences down the road. 

Several Electrical Services 

Electricians in North Hills don’t just repair electrical problems or install backup generators. We also offer the following services: 

  • Lighting installation
  • Home inspection 
  • Surge protection
  • Ceiling fan installation 
  • Breakers and fuses
  • Code corrections
  • Hot tubs and spas
  • Track lighting
  • Smoke detectors
  • ARC fault breakers


This is not the complete list of our electrical services. If you have any type of job that involves electrical work, our professional electricians will be there to help you out. We use proper tools and technology to give you an ideal solution for any type of electrical issue your house or building is facing. 

Whatever electrical work you need, call our electrician in North Hills to install, fix or troubleshoot it for you. Call us here to know more: (818) 649-3163.