Dales Valley Electric: Your Trusted Residential and Commercial Electrician in San Fernando Valley

Since 1967, Dales Valley Electric has been a cornerstone of reliable electrical services in Los Angeles. Founded by Ben Hoffer, our family-owned and operated company now proudly serves the San Fernando Valley, Agoura, and Westlake. Whether you need residential or commercial wiring, our skilled technicians are ready to handle your electrical needs with expertise and […]

Meet All Your Electrical Needs with Dales Valley Electric

The electricity in your home or business is essentially the backbone of your area. Without proper electricity, you would quickly find that you are able to accomplish very little in your daily life. However, most people seem to take the electrical work in their home or office for granted and never really give it much […]

Dales Valley Electric Company Reseda Services

Working with electrical systems on your own is a risky decision. Of course, it’s just easy to swap a front-porch lighting bulb or install a fan. We’re talking about an intensive electrical work going on behind the walls. The possible consequences of a mistake are always serious. It may cause a fire or a serious […]