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Working with electrical systems on your own is a risky decision. Of course, it’s just easy to swap a front-porch lighting bulb or install a fan. We’re talking about an intensive electrical work going on behind the walls. The possible consequences of a mistake are always serious. It may cause a fire or a serious injury to you or the other family members in the house. With that in mind, hiring an electric company Reseda area is a wise investment.

At Dales Valley Electric company, we plan, install and repair any type of wiring in structures. We work closely with your general contractor when you remodel your house or if you need an emergency repair. By working closely, we can help identify your house’s specific electrical needs for the project. In this way, we can ensure that the wiring in your house meets the Reseda, California building codes.

Our electrical company Reseda coverage employs only electricians who are highly trained and certified. They have in-depth knowledge about the installation of fiber optic or coaxial cables, for example. You may also hire us to design and install all your data systems and wire that you need for the security features in your home.
Electric Company Reseda


Dales Valley Electric company has been in the business since 1967. Our company is family owned and operated. We specialized in residential and commercial wiring.

Our electric company Reseda area has already completed thousands of projects. When you hire us, our certified and trained electricians will be working with you on your project. Our electricians aren’t subcontracts. They’re p art of our growing family.

There’s no need for you to worry about any type of electrical repairs. Our electricians underwent years of training and have been in the industry for decades. You can trust them to troubleshoot and diagnose any type of electrical problems and complete the repair successfully.


Our electrical services will include home lighting, home safety, outdoor electric, and circuit breakers, among others. We also cater to businesses as part of our commercial services including property management, installing new lighting, electrical circuits, and several others.

Free estimate

You may request a free estimate by filling out a form online. All electrical jobs are insured. This means that any structure damage that has resulted in the job that we’re working on will be covered by our insurance.

To make a scheduled appointment with us, please call 818-914-0781.