Is Your Porter Ranch Home’s Electrical System Ready for Summer? Advice from an Electric Company in Porter Ranch

As the hot weather season approaches, ensuring that your home’s electrical system is in good shape to handle the heat is essential. With experts forecasting record-breaking temperatures, you don’t want to be caught off-guard without power. Dales Valley Electric Company in Porter Ranch has provided reliable electrical services to Valley residents for over 55 years, helping them stay safe and cool during the year’s hottest months. 

Make sure your home’s electrical system is ready for heat waves and free from any potential strains or issues by scheduling a checkup with Dales Valley Electric today.

Is Your System Keeping Up?

  • Frequent breaker trips: Not just annoying, but this could be a sign that your electrical wiring is overloaded and struggling to keep up with your usage. 
  • Dimming Lights: Do you notice dimming lights when you turn on big appliances? This indicates that your electrical system may be inadequate for your needs.
  • Panel Heat & Odd Smells: If you detect burning smells or feel heat coming from your electrical panel, this could be a severe fire hazard.
  • Dependence on Extension Cords: Relying on extension cords throughout your home is not recommended. This may be a temporary fix, but it’s not a long-term solution, especially if you live in an older house.

Why Upgrade Your Porter Ranch Home’s Electric

  • Increased Safety: Older wiring is a serious fire hazard when pushed to the limit by heat and modern demands.
  • Power for Modern Life: Handle ACs, pool systems, smart home tech, and more without a worry.
  • Potential Energy Savings: New systems can be much more efficient than older setups.

Maybe You Thought my Porter Ranch home is fine right now. So why bother?”

Two words: preventative maintenance. Upgrading BEFORE those blackouts hit means no panic repairs and potentially getting stuck on a waitlist when everyone else has issues. Did you know smart home upgrades, including things like smart thermostats and lighting, can often increase property value by up to 5%?

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Trust Dales Valley Electric, Your Porter Ranch Electrical Experts

Are you a Porter Ranch resident? With the high temperatures around the corner, ensuring your electrical system is in top condition is essential. Dales Valley Electric understands this and offers Porter Ranch homeowners free electrical assessments. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late – contact our team today and let us help you make sure your system is ready. We take pride in being the go-to electric company for Porter Ranch residents, and are committed to providing safe and reliable service to our community. 

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