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Whether you want to fit a new electric fan, or want something more complicated, call us today for any Experts For electrical wiring in Chatsworth service you require. Our professional teams can help you with any aspect of wiring, from safety inspections to installing electrical outlets and phone jacks. Talk to our team today to find out how we can help you, and to see if you qualify for our Senior or Vet discounts. Whatever type of electrical project you have in mind, we can help you with wiring, installation and troubleshooting.

Wiring and Safety

Need more outlets or jacks for your home? Modern technology can often mean that you need to have multiple items plugged into outlets at any time – if you have a four-person family it could mean that you need more than four sockets in each room just for phone chargers. If you include fans, heaters or other electronic devices, then you can see why you might need to call us as soon as possible in order to have more outlets fitted. We can add specialist jacks to connect phones directly to the wall, and also install switches and outlets for your home.

Adding Special Devices

You want to ensure the safety of your home, and this means installing devices designed to monitor the electricity passing into your home. You may also want to fit advanced smoke and fire detectors, which are wired directly into the wall rather than using batteries. We can install surge protectors and breaker systems, which will prevent faults from travelling down cables into your electrical devices. If you are interested in exhaust fans for your kitchen, or adding additional fuses to the box, then you could benefit from our services. We will also perform a home safety check so that you know exactly where repairs and specialist items might need to be fitted.

Call Us Today For Repairs or Installation

When you need the assistance of specialists in electrical wiring, our Chatsworth team can be the perfect solution. To find out about our free quote, call us on 818-914-0781 today. You can speak to our team, or send us a message through our contact form. Find out today how we can help you make your home safer, or improve it to adapt to modern technology. Whatever your electrical wiring needs, we can help you, so call us now.