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Sadly, electrical problems can happen anytime. Unfortunately, it happens when we least expect it. That’s why our Van Nuys electrician team is the number choice when it comes to electrical services. Even if there’s no emergency in your house but you only want to change your current lighting, Dales Valley Electric company will get you covered. Our electricians are fully trained, certified and licensed in all facets of the electrical trades.

Trusted Home Van Nuys Electrician

Most homeowners will only call electricians during an emergency. They also call them during remodeling or building something.

When you research a Van Nuys electrician, you will find that Dales Valley Electric company lands on the top search result.

What our clients like most about your electricians is that they can easily build a rapport. This is essential as having a mutual trust will make the matter better. You can trust our electricians for all of your electrical needs. You can call us for regular inspections. In this way, you can avoid any electrical problems when you least expect it.

Doing it on your own is a risky job when it comes to electrical work unless you’re an electrician yourself. Hiring our Van Nuys electrician team is a wise investment as our company can work with critical home systems affecting every aspect of your building. As mentioned earlier, with proper inspection, you can avoid significant inconvenience if the work goes wrong.

Van Nuys Electrician

Up-to-Date Education

Our company constantly train our electricians so they stay current on the National Electrical Code. Bear mind that such code is changed every three years.

We can help you secure all permits before we replace or work on your home’s main electrical equipment. By securing the permit, we can assure you that the job that we provide meets Van Nuys code.

As mentioned earlier, our electricians are licensed and certified. Each license is current and legitimate. We understand how important licensing is to our clients. With proper training and certification, our electricians can avoid poor wire connections, improper grounding, overloaded circuits and other problems.

We stand behind our work so we offer parts and labor warranty.

Electrical Projects

If you’re planning on doing it yourself, make sure that you know the job exceptionally well. You can easily cause problems that can create a potentially dangerous hazard. You may also run afoul of local electrical code and regulations. To avoid these things, you should only hire a professional Van Nuys electrician for all electrical system needs.

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