Electric Company Reseda to Identify Short-Circuiting Causes

Any electrical appliance that requires to be connected to a power source is part of the electric system. The circuit breaker regulates the flow of power. In case of an overload, the breaker will halt the flow of electricity. Unfortunately, several issues can cause problems in your house’s electrical system. Call an electric company in Reseda to identify those issues. 

Short-Circuiting Causes 

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A short circuit typically takes place in an appliance plugged in a visible outlet. However, it may also arise in a concealed wiring. This situation is quite dangerous because it poses a huge issue that you cannot easily see. 

In short-circuiting, the breaker trips and stops the electricity flow. The first thing that you must do is to call an electrical company in Reseda. Professional electricians will check the main electrical panel and find the cause. 


Electric Company in Reseda Recommends Not Resolving the Issue on Your Own 

Some homeowners would want to save money and resolve any electrical issues in their house on their own. Unfortunately, this is a dangerous habit as the issues could lead to electrical shock, or worse, it could result in a fire. 


When there is a short circuit in your house, the best thing you must do is to call an electrician to find which breaker tripped. Once it has been identified, the electrician will then determine what circuit the breaker is connected to. After unplugging all equipment and appliances, he will reset the circuit breaker to find out if the issue has been resolved. 

On the other hand, if the problem has not been resolved, the short-circuiting could be on the walls. Plugging to another socket may also work in resolving the issue. 

Finding out the cause of short-circuiting in your house can be a tedious process. It also requires professional expertise. That’s why you should only have your electrical system in your house checked by a professional electrician. Keep in mind that repairing an electrical issue on your own could lead to electrical shock or fire. 

Here at Dales Valley Electric, we recommend our clients to schedule a regular inspection. It is especially true for clients living in an older house. You may spend money on the inspection but it is worth an investment considering the safety of your family. 

However, if you are living in a newer house, you must not feel complacent. You should still call our electricians to regularly inspect your house’s electrical system. It is especially true if you are adding several pieces of appliance per year. 

Any electrical issues should only be handled by a professional electrician. Never attempt to resolve them on your own, even if you have the equipment to do so. You can only resolve them on your own if you are a licensed electrician and have been practicing for several years. 

Call our electric company in Reseda today if you have queries or if you wish to schedule a regular house inspection. Our company specializes in resident and commercial lighting and wiring. We also offer emergency electrical services. Just give our team a call at  (818) 875-9003.