Electrical Contractor Chatsworth Can Install Backup Power

Frequent power outages can happen to some parts of the US. If you live in a place like that, then you need to install a backup power. But do not install it yourself. To be safe, make sure to hire an electrical contractor in Chatsworth.

What Are Your Options For A Backup Power Solution?

There are plenty of options for homeowners and business owners to make sure that their lights will stay on even if the rest of the neighborhood is out of power. You can have a generator powered by propane, diesel or gas.

If you wish to be green, however, you can always choose a cleaner battery. A backup powered battery can offer several benefits. It also functions the same way as a conventional generator.
Electrical Contractor Chatsworth Can Install Backup Power

Which Is Better: A Generator Or A Battery Backup?

It depends on your preference. The amount you pay when installing a backup power will hinge on the power you need and the equipment you use.

Standby generators can range from $2000 to $5000. These generators can power an average home.

The other option, a battery backup system, could cost more. You need to pay from $10,000 to $15,000. You also need to purchase a bigger battery if you use more energy. The installation can also add up to the overall cost.

When you compare the two options, you must not only consider the upfront tag price.

Keep in mind that, if you choose a fuel-powered generator, you need to purchase fuel. And the cost of fuel can easily add up. It is especially true if you hinge generator.

Now, if you opt for a battery-powered backup, you can easily use it along with a solar energy system. The solar energy system can increase the upfront cost. However, there is no fuel to purchase each month or on a regular basis.

Thus, over time, a battery-powered backup can help you save thousands of dollars on your utility bill. Without solar, choosing a battery-powered backup can still save you more than using a gas-powered generator. A battery can help you lower your electric bills.

Who Can Install Battery-Powered Generators?

Dales Valley Electric is a reliable electrical contractor in Chatsworth that can provide you with various electrical services you can trust. We are authorized and certified to perform various electrical jobs in Chatsworth and neighboring areas.

We can install any type of backup power generator, whether it is fuel-powered or battery-powered. However, if you wish to lower your overall utility bill per month, we recommend the use of a battery generator. It can help you save thousands of dollars. Although the upfront costs can be costlier, over time it will be a lot cheaper.

If you are not sure what backup power you need for your house, you may talk to our certified electricians at Dales Valley Electric. We can visit your house and perform an inspection to help us determine the right option for your situation.

Call our electrical contractor in Chatsworth today at 818-875-9003.