Electrical Contractor Chatsworth for a Greener, Cleaner Energy

Dales Valley Electric offers services that promote greener, cleaner energy. Our electrical contractor in Chatsworth is just a phone call away if you want to install a solar panel in your building.

Electrical Contractor in Chatsworth Recommends Renewable Sources

Many parts of the US are now using energy renewable sources. The nation is slowly shifting away from coal. Coal-Based energy is now accounted for 20% of the output. It means that more and more people are now using clean energy.
Electrical Contractor Chatsworth
This clean energy comes from various sources, like hydroelectric, wind, solar and geothermal. The transition is the result of seasonal factors and developments in the greener energy industry.

How to Use Cleaner Energy at Home

At Dale’s Valley Electric, we help residents in Chatsworth in installing rooftop solar panels. Solar panels can significantly lower your utility bills. To make them more cost-effective, you can use the tax incentives to install them.

With solar panels, you could generate more than 10 watts per square foot. But it will depend on the orientation and the latitude of the panels. Contact our electrical contractor if you are planning to replace your roof. We can recommend the rind kind of roof that is perfect for solar panel installation.

Because solar power only works when the sun is up, you must invest in another type of renewable energy. In this way, you can still have power even when the sun is down. One of the additional sources you can have is a wind turbine.

Wind turbines are perfect if you have sufficient real estate. Unfortunately, this renewable source can make a lot of noise. It also affects the overall appearance of your property. However, should you decide to have it installed, our electrical contractors are more than eager to install it for you.

Are you living in a place with a source of flowing water? If you are, then you could try hydropower. You can divert the stream to flow through your turbine. From there, it can power your home, thereby, reducing the overall cost of electricity.

You can enjoy several advantages to this type of renewable source. If you have the right source, then make sure to take advantage of it.

Now, if you wish to stick to a solar panel, there is nothing wrong with it. However, we recommend not installing the panel yourself. It is especially true if you are not a licensed electrician.

Here at Dales Valley Electric, we make sure that the solar panels we install in our clients’ roof or property are well-wired. In that way, they will not experience any trouble while using solar energy.

Our company is a family owned and our electrical contractors are licensed and bonded. They have been working in the industry for decades, so you can be sure of the quality of work they can offer. We specialise in residential and commercial wiring for your electrical panels.

If you wish to schedule an appointment with our electrical contractor in Chatsworth to talk about solar panel installation, please give us a call at (818) 875-9003.