Electrical Contractor Chatsworth Knowing Why Outlet Spark

Electrical outlets are a vital part of any house. You need to take care of them. The last thing that you need is to plug a device and the outlet sparks. Our electrical contractor in Chatsworth will consider your outlet as dangerous. The reason for this is that the spark could result in a fire.

Electrical Contractor in Chatsworth into Fixing the Outlet

When you experience that your outlet spark after plugging a device, make sure to call a licensed technician. However, in most cases, outlet spark is just a normal thing.
There could be plenty of reasons for an outlet spark.
Electrical Contractor Chatsworth

Normal Spark

The electricity in your house runs through the circuits. Then, it goes to the main grid. When you plug something into an outlet, the power is diverted to that outlet.

It must only happen once. After that, the electrons must start flowing freely. You will not experience additional sparks. This type of spark is normal and there is nothing to worry about.

Is It a Short Circuit

It happens where there is too much heat building up in the outlet. The wires in the insulation are starting to melt.

When the wires are exposed, there is a good chance that an electrical fire can start if you use that outlet. What happens here is that the electrons go to the wrong area causing a huge spark.

Old Outlet Spark

The older the outlet is, the more chances of experiencing spark and short circuits. Keep in mind that outlets can wear out over time.

The connections will start to loosen. If your outlet is more than 10 years old, consider calling our electrical contractor to have it checked.

Our licensed electricians will also check other outlets in your house that might be vulnerable. If the outlet has been exposed to water, it could cause a spark and a short circuit can happen. It is dangerous.

Installing a ground fault circuit interrupter will make your house safe from any electrocution or fire. This interrupter will shut down the circuit to prevent fire.

Here at Dales Valley Electric, we install GCFI outlets in our clients’ bathrooms and kitchen to ensure their safety. We install them during home renovation or yearly checkups.

Outlet spark can be normal. However, we recommend hiring our electricians to inspect your house’s electrical system per year. Keep in mind that some elements can cause damage to the wires. By performing a regular checkup, our electricians can spot minor damage in the system and fix them right away before they get worse.

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