Electrical Repair: The Top Reasons for Flickering Lights

Are your lights flickering even though you have tried all possible solutions? Switching your light bulb and getting different wattages? That might indicate that there are some underlying problems that need to be addressed swiftly. Contact our electrician for electrical repair. There are various reasons that might lead to flickering lights that will just not go away even after changing the light bulb. Here are the most common problems that can be fixed by a local electrician:

Old Switches

Using old switches on newer LED light fixtures can cause some problems such as the flickering of light. If you are upgrading your lighting system, it is important to upgrade the light switches as well. An electrical repair specialist can make sure that the switches you are using are compatible with the lights. 

If not, he will suggest the best course of action such as replacing the switches. That can help fix the flickering lights problem and make your system up to date.

A circuit that is overloaded

When a circuit is overloaded, you might face some problems such as flickering light. Whenever a lot of power supply is needed, it puts a strain on the current system, causing lights to flicker.

That indicates a sign of low voltage in the house and in that case, you need to get an electrician in Agoura Hills. The electrician will test the voltage and compare it with your electrical use and establish a plan to rectify this problem. You should only get a qualified electrician to work on the electrical circuit and do not attempt to do it yourself.

Loose wiring 

Loose wiring can also be the lead culprit in flickering lights because a detached switch and light bulb might not receive enough power. You can try and establish that by moving around the switch to see if there is any difference.

Ask an electrician in Westlake to test this electrical system for you to determine whether the wiring is faulty. The electrician will also see if it can be fixed or it needs to be completely rewired.

Neighbors excessive use of power

Your whole block or street runs on one electrical transformer which means if the neighbors are using electricity excessively, you will also feel an impact. If they are using three-phase power appliances, you might experience the problem to a greater extent.

An electrician can help you find alternative solutions to this problem to try and counterbalance the effects of the excessive use of power by neighbors.

Ask Dales Valley electricians to fix your flickering lights

You can find an electrician to help fix your flickering lights problem by isolating what seems to the issue and devising a plan of action. Reach out to us to get lights operating as they normally would instead of flickering. 

Call us on (818) 875-9003, to ask any questions about our services and to get advice on electrical repair. Do not just bear through the situation of flickering lights but get them fixed.