Electrician in Chatsworth to Get Your Home Rewired

Home rewiring is vital especially if you have an old home. However, this task must only be done by a certified electrician in Chatsworth as it is a major job. What are the things that you need to be done when rewiring your house?


Before home rewiring is performed, a certified electrician in Chatsworth will assess your walls and existing wires.

During the assessment, he can tell you whether or not rewiring is integral in keeping your home safe. If it is necessary, he will create a master plan on how to rewire it based on your house’s structure and its age.

Electrician in Chatsworth to Get Your Home Rewired

Get a Permit

You cannot begin an electrical work without first getting a permit from the local government. At Dales Valley Electric, we will handle it for you.

It is vital that you obtain a permit to ensure that the work is in compliance with the law. Our residential electrician follows all building codes in Chatsworth. Hence, we always ensure that permits have been obtained before we start working.

Start Working

Once the necessary permits have been obtained, the actual work starts. It involves finding new areas where wires can run.

The electrician will drill holes, run wires and add outlets, if necessary. Or if outlets are enough but broken, the electrician may repair them.

Determine the Circuits

Part of the rewiring task is adding circuits if needed. Before adding, your electrician will identify the number of circuits in your house. If the existing ones are not enough, he will add new ones.

Call an Electrician in Chatsworth Near You

You may think that rewiring your house is easy. After all, you have undergone a year of training in this area. But you must never do it on your own, especially if you do not have years of experience in any electrical jobs.

Furthermore, you must not allow this task to be performed by an uncertified electrician. Doing so will only put your house at risk of fire.

Call Dales Valley Electric today to schedule an appointment with one of our certified and bonded electricians.

At Dales Valley Electrician, the electrician we dispatch in Chatsworth is certified, bonded and insured. We offer prompt services on any types of electrical jobs, be it installation or repair.

We can fix electrical outlets, repair fixtures or install breaker boxes. Our team can also perform HVAC wiring, fuses, and main service upgrades, among others.

You must not worry about our rates as we are known in Chatsworth to offer affordable electrical services. What’s more is that we do everything to ensure that we will get things repaired right the first time.

Our installation services are well-known in the Chatsworth area. Whether you need a new light fixture or a ceiling fan installed, our installation team will install everything correctly and accurately the first time.

Every electrical job that you need, we can assist you. At Dales Valley Electric, we are just one call away if you need an electrician in Chatsworth to check your home’s electrical wiring. Call our team today for a free estimate 818-875-9003.