Electricity in a Tiny House? Talk to Dales Valley Electric Company

Have you seen those tiny houses or off-grid houses on YouTube? If you have, then you might probably consider living in such a house, too. But you are wondering how do you get electricity? Should you call Dales Valley Electric

Dales Valley Electric on the Electric Options

Dales Valley Electric

One of the options you can opt for is a power generator. This is ideal if you don’t want to be stuck in one place. Most people would choose to keep their tiny house in just one location. However, you may like the idea of moving whenever you want. 

With the use of a generator, you can easily move. Then, you don’t need to deal with the power company every time you have to change location. But what type of power generator should you use? 

It is one of the biggest questions of those who wish to live in a tiny house. If you are planning to move to such a house or an RV, talk to our professional electricians today. We can recommend options that are suitable for your situation. 

One of the things to consider when opting for a power generator is the fuel. The good thing is that new power generator models now offer propane tanks. They are more eco-friendly and they let you live a greener life. 

Use of Solar Energy 

Since you are already using the sun in various ways, solar energy can be a great option to power your tiny house. If you have the budget, then consider investing in solar panels. 

They are cost-efficient. You can save up to 20% of energy. Indeed, it is not a huge saving. However, the savings can easily add up. 

Hiring our electricians will not cost you an arm and a leg. But do you need to hire one when installing a solar panel? 

Solar panels can be a huge investment, even if you only need a few of them. You must hire a professional electrician to properly evaluate your situation. There are some special things to consider since you are living in a tiny house and not in a traditional home. 

Our professional electricians will assess your house to find the best areas to install the panels. The position is vital as you need to maximize sun exposure. Then, the panels must be installed on a stable and durable surface. 

We understand the requirements for installing solar panels. Our electricians know what to find to ensure that your tiny house’s integrity won’t be put at risk. 

After installing the panels, our electricians will connect the wires properly to generate electricity. If you install them incorrectly, though, it can be hazardous. Furthermore, you may not get the true benefits of solar energy. 

That’s why it is vital that you contact a professional electron to ensure that everything is hooked correctly. The good thing about using solar energy in your tiny house is that it can lead to a further reduction in your utility bills. 

For more information about solar panel installation in your tiny house, please call Dales Valley Electric at (818) 875-9003.