A Faulty Electric Panel in Chatsworth is a Big Problem

There are going to be times during home ownership that you will have to know where your electrical panel is and how to turn the power back on to part or all your home. It could be that your power goes out during a storm, or it could be that you overloaded one of the circuits and the breaker has flipped off for your protection and needs to be turned back on. It is not only a good idea to know where the panel is and how to turn breakers on and off, but if you think you are having problems and may have a faulty electric panel in Chatsworth that you know an electrician to call to help you.

The Location of Your Electric Panel

Electric Panels are not placed in one particular section of any home. You can usually find your panel placed in an out of the way location in your house, like your basement, garage or a back room of your home so that it is not readily accessible to be touched. Knowing where the panel is can be important to you so that you can turn power back on, but also so you can cut power to an area if you need the power off to install new appliances, outlets, or lighting.

Dealing with a Faulty Panel

If you think you are having issues with your electric panel in Chatsworth, it is important that you contact a licensed and insured professional electrician to assist you with the problem. Because the panel handles all the power in your home, it can be dangerous to deal with if you are having problems either after an electrical storm or just with faulty power supplies. An electrician can come in and safely diagnose the problem for you and provide you with solutions, either through repairs or replacement and upgrade of your current panel.

Get Help with Your Electric Panel

To get help with your electric panel in Chatsworth, either through repairs or an upgrade of what you have now, please give us a call here at Dales Valley Electric. You can contact us by calling our office at 818-914-0781 to schedule a service call. We can have one of our trained and experienced electricians come out to you and fix any issues so that you have safe and effective power for your home and your family.