Fixing Corrosion in Electrical Panel with a Hidden Hills Electrician

Combining water and electricity can be dangerous, but water getting in the electrical panel is a common problem that homeowners in Hidden Hills face. Instead of trying to fix it yourself and ending up with a bigger mess, you should call a Hidden Hills electrician to give you a professional service. 

Hidden Hills Electrician

You may wonder how water got into the panel box. If it’s poorly sealed at the top, then water can easily get inside when it rains. Furthermore, if the cable that runs from the electrical water is frayed, rainwater can also get inside the panel. 

There are many reasons water gets inside the panel box. No matter what the reason is, if the moisture enters the panel, it corrodes electrical wiring. It also affects the circuit breakers and causes rust inside the panel box. 

Call a Hidden Hills Electrician to Prevent Ruining Electrical Connections 

If corrosion arises, it can affect electrical connections. It produces heat and may ignite a fire. Water that gets inside the panel box can also result in the breaker to malfunction. 

Opening the panel box to fix it yourself can be dangerous. Although you may see obvious signs that there is moisture in the box, rust can be a sign that the panel box may be wet or has been wet. 

When you call a certified electrician in Hidden Hills, he can safely open the panel box and examine it. If the circuit breakers that have been damaged by water will not trip when there’s an electrical overload, it can lead to overheating and burns. 

Locating The Source of Moisture 

One of the first things that the electrician will do is find the source of the moisture. Once the source has been located, he will make the necessary repairs. In that way, additional damage to the panel box or wiring can be prevented. 

However, if the metal service panel is badly damaged, then you will have no choice but to replace the box and the circuit breakers. Indeed, you need to invest in it, but it’s necessary for the safety of your home and those living in it. 

Don’t Do It Yourself 

Doing electrical work is not a simple task, nor is it a job you’ll master from a Youtube tutorial. You should leave this area of your home to the pros. 

Corrosion in the electrical panel can be dangerous. You may think that the problem is simple but it’s actually a complicated issue that you don’t want to get involved in. 

Trying to fix a corroded panel on your own isn’t a minor mistake. Rather, it is a major mistake that can start a fire. It can also electrocute you, even if you have all the gadgets you need. 

If you need assistance with your electrical panel box, call a Hidden Hills electrician today to fix the issue for you. Please dial: (818) 875-9003