Hire Electric Company in Van Nuys to Help Cool Your Home

Summer season can cause hot and stuffy weather. That’s why homeowners purchase a reliable AC to cool their houses during this season. However, when your AC starts to crank up, it can be a disaster for you and your family. But do not fret. It can still be resolved by hiring our electric company in Van Nuys

Your AC must be properly maintained to prevent it from troubling you during the hot season. Dales Valley Electric offers regular maintenance to ensure that your HVAC is well-functioning when you need it most.

Electric Company in Van Nuys

Electric Company in Van Nuys Recommendations to Keep Your House Cool this Summer

Utilize a Dehumidifier

Humid heat can be sticky and uncomfortable. It is also difficult to move around in. Dry heat, on the other hand, is comfortable while at higher temperatures. When you use a dehumidifier during the hotter months, you can keep your AC at perfect temperatures and make your house more comfortable.

But make sure that your dehumidifier is in tip-top shape. Have it checked by our professional electricians during the inspection.

Avoid Paying for Cool Air

That is, if you are gone during the day, make sure that you turn up the thermostat by up to 10 degrees. But do not turn off the AC during the day. If you do, it only encourages the growth of mold. Keep in mind that the AC system is there to dehumidify the air. When it is off throughout the day, you will come home to a humid house and with some fresh mold.

Seal Windows

Our professional electricians will also help determine any leaking air. Sealing your windows is a must to prevent the cool air from going out. We may suggest calking leaks and weather stripping. In this way, your AC will not work harder.

Opt for a Programmable Thermostat

It is one of the best options you can have as it can help you lower your utility bill significantly. This type of thermostat will lower energy usage as it adjusts temperatures while you are away. You can program it or purchase a unit that adapts to your temperature preferences. There are thermostats that let you set them up through an app while you are away from home.

Install Ceiling Fans

We also suggest installing ceiling fans in your house. They can help in circling cool air while it takes some of the burden off your AC. Our professional electricians can install ceiling fans throughout your house to boost energy efficiency.

Replace Air Filters

Air filters allow your HVAC system to run smoothly. They prevent dust from obstructing your vents. They can also promote proper air circulation. We can replace your air filters if they are dirty to ensure that the entire system will not work harder just to circulate the air.

Insulate Walls and Attics

Windows are not the only culprits in leak air. Your Walls and crawl spaces can also leak cool air. By properly insulating your house, you are increasing energy efficiency while cooling your home.

When you choose to work with our electric company in Van Nuys, you are choosing a reliable team of electricians. To schedule an appointment with us, please call (818) 875-9003.