How Loud are Backup Generators?

One of the things to consider when buying backup generators in Chatsworth is the noise. The noise, however, can be irritating to your neighbors. It can also take away the peaceful state of mind of your family. If you’re not sure how loud a backup generator is, it’s ideal that you consult with a qualified electrician.

Before Buying Backup Generators in Chatsworth

Talk to an electrician and he can tell you how loud a generator can legally run in Chatsworth. He can also assist you in finding the best generator with minimal noise. 

Size Affects Noise Level

If the noise level of a generator is important for you, then the first thing to consider when buying a generator is the size. Generally, the larger the generator is, the noisier it operates. When you work with an electrician, he can help find out the ideal size of the generator that meets your requirements

When finding a quiet unit, determine the smallest generator that can run essential appliances. As mentioned the size of the unit affects the noise level. The smaller the unit is, the quieter it operates. 

Backup Generators in Chatsworth

Compare Brands 

The brands and models have different noise levels. Some models are louder than others, even though they are nearly the same size. Compare similar-sized models and check out their noise levels.

One of the options available if you want a smaller-sized generator that emits quieter sound is a portable generator. But not all portable units are quiet. Keep in mind that most portable generators have cheaper designs. In that case, they have fewer noise-canceling features, compared to other more expensive units. They may not have soundproofing casing or efficient muffler. Remember that loose bolts in the unit can increase the vibrations causing the generator to make a louder noise when it’s operating. 

Find the Right Location for the Generator 

If you have chosen a bigger unit because of the number of appliances you want to connect and run during an outage, you can still limit the noise level by installing it in an ideal location. The electrician that you hire will inspect your property and look for ideal places to install the unit. Ideally, it is placed on the side of the home, which is far from your bedrooms and living spaces. But it has to be near the electrical panel. 

Install Acoustic Barriers 

Another way to reduce the sound of the generator is to install acoustic barriers around the unit. The barriers will absorb some sound to minimize the noise. You may make it movable or permanent. You may opt for a rigid barrier to properly absorb sound. But you may also choose flexible materials, like wood. 

Rubberized Padding

This, too, can help in minimizing the noise of the unit. The mount keeps the vibrations from the generator from spreading, thereby, lowering the sound. You may also use both rubberized pacing and acoustic barriers to ensure that the sound from the unit is properly absorbed.

Need More Help in Installing Backup Generators 

Backup generators in Chatsworth are an expensive investment. Thus, make sure that you buy the right unit that perfectly fits your needs. Talk to our electricians today and schedule a consultation: (818) 649-3163