Why You Need a Hidden Hills Electrician

You are looking for a professional Hidden Hills electrician who can perform a variety of different types of electrical work in your home. We are an expert team who specialise in high-quality workmanship and offer both residential and commercial services. Our professionals will be able to perform essential tasks, including troubleshooting and repair of electrical equipment and a home safety check to ensure that your electrical devices are up to scratch. We can perform code corrections and maintenance on your electrical fittings, and will install a variety of different electrical devices, including lights, electrical outlets and heaters.

Servicing Electrics

Homeowners and commercial property owners need to make sure that their electrical devices and wiring is up to code. We will perform inspections for your property, including home inspections and commercial code violation checks. If you own a commercial building, we can fix a number of issues with electrical systems, including breaker box replacement or repairs, fixing of electrical circuits, and performing a full electrical service for your systems. Homeowners can expect a safety inspection, troubleshooting and repair, and fixing of electrics which are not up to code.

Fitting Appliances

It is important to make sure that your appliances are fitted correctly, and we can help you with that. Whatever you need, from solar panel fitting to installation of smoke detectors, water heaters or fans, we can do everything that you need. We perform fittings for fans and cable outlets which will ensure their safety and allow you to use these systems securely. For commercial properties, we fit new strip lighting, add circuitry for machines, and fit fans into IT and server rooms to keep electrical equipment at the right temperature. We can also install exhaust fans to keep the air clear for your employees.

You Need Us

Whenever you need a Hidden Hills electrician, we can help you. Our assistance is essential if you want your electrical goods installed, repaired or inspected. Whatever you want when it comes to good quality electrical work for commercial or residential properties, our team is perfect for you. With a free estimate available for homeowners and commercial managers, there is no reason not to contact us today on 818-914-0781 between 9am and 5.30pm. For more information, use our contact form, and we will answer your query as soon as possible. Call now to arrange an estimate of any electrical work you need in our local area.