Reasons to Get a Backup Generator from a Generator Company in Chatsworth

Because of reliance on IT, many companies have a contingency plan for their computer and data systems but somehow many fail to consider the loophole that is a failure in the power supply. While Valley power systems have a good track record with few outages, an incident can occur at any time, just as something may occur to interrupt your local supply. The best contingency plan for any Dales Valley company is to have a backup generator from a generator company in Chatsworth.

Guaranteed Uninterrupted Power

Any power outage has an impact on productivity. This impact can be significant if the outage extends for any lengthy period of time. You still have to pay staff, but you aren’t able to manufacture or provide a service. A backup generator to supply power to your network systems, telephones, lighting, plant and machinery and security reduces the impact on your bottom line. A generator also works in whatever weather conditions might have caused the main grid failure.

Generator Company in Chatsworth

Protection Against Power Surges

A power surge is one of the biggest risks to network integrity and security as well as to other electrical systems. When power is restored, electrical components can be damaged and there might even be a fire. Hazardous power surges and dangerous spikes in the electricity supply can be prevented by a backup generator that automatically senses when the power fails and kicks in.

Automatic 24/7 power and Remote Monitoring

Modern generators are brilliant pieces of kit. Without you needing to be anywhere near, your backup generator is able to automatically fire up within seconds when it detects a loss of electricity. It will also shut itself down automatically when the mains power is restored.

Modern generators are also built for remote monitoring. With any connected device, you can check the status of the generator. You can set periods to set the generator to work to check it’s working and it can also alert you of any potential issues.

A Long Running Time

As long as there is no interruption in their fuel supply, a high-capacity commercial generator can continuously provide power for days at a time. They are fueled either by natural gas or diesel. Natural gas generators are supplied by a pipeline and therefore do not require refueling. For diesel generators, a store of diesel is required. It needs to be stored properly and in the correct conditions it can last up to 12 months before it degrades and fuel quality is lost.

Peace of Mind

All the practical reasons outlined above boil down to one thing when it comes to your business, something that you can’t put a price on and that is, peace of mind.

Ready to Buy?

If you want to make a sound investment for your business, consider a generator as a backup for your electrical supply. They come in a range of options and sizes so you should contact the knowledgeable staff at a generator company in Chatsworth. Get the best advice at Dales Valley Electric.