Residential Electrician in Chatsworth to Fix Smoke Alarms Issues

Smoke detectors are insulated in most homes in Chatsworth. But they are a common fixture that most people ignore every year. You need them but you don’t want them to see in action. But, whether you like it or not, there are issues related to your smoke detectors that must be fixed by your residential electrician in Chatsworth. 

Some of these issues can result in a home fire. Keep in mind that over 300,00 home fires happen in the US every year. They also claim thousands of lives. 

One of the reasons for these home fires is the lack of some detectors or malfunctioning some alarms. 

Residential Electrician in Chatsworth to Avoid Problems with Smoke Detectors

Residential Electrician in Chatsworth

The smoke detectors in your house are part of your strategy in ensuring that your home is safe from damage, like fire. Unfortunately, they are often neglected to the point that you forgot to replace their battery. 

Yes, all smoke alarms need battery replacement. But it’s a common mistake among homeowners. After a fire, investigations found that smoke detectors are in place but with a dead or missing battery.

When you schedule periodic maintenance with us, it is part of our service to inspect your smoke alarms. Needless to say, most smoke detectors are malfunctioning or they have a missing battery. 

But it’s not enough to replace the battery. It’s also important to test the smoke detector if it is operating effectively. You can test it yourself once a month. If it doesn’t work, then make sure to call our certified electrician so we can replace any faulty components immediately.  

Do Smoke Detectors Need Updating? 

Yes, they do indeed. It’s like an appliance or a device. It needs periodic updating. If your smoke detector has been there for 10 years, you have to replace it. Now, if you don’t know the expiration date or forgot the last time you replaced it, then make sure that you upgrade it now. Call our electrician to replace it for you. 

If your smoke detectors are installed incorrectly, you have to fix them immediately. You should consider where the detectors are installed. Are they in the kitchen or fireplace? If they are, then consider transferring them because they can be easily activated even if there’s no house fire. 

Keep in mind that if you don’t correctly place them, then they surely fail you when you need these detectors most. 

Smoke detectors can save you and your household members. That’s why you must ensure that they are properly installed and maintained. You should also place them in proper places.

Our team of electricians will inspect your house and its electrical system to find any issues and correct them immediately. During the inspection, we will also evaluate the location of your smoke detectors and we recommend moving them to another place if necessary. 

You must not allow a common mistake to put you and your family at risk. Give our residential electrician in Chatsworth a call to ensure that your smoke detectors are still working and they are properly placed. Call us at (818) 875-9003.