Residential Electrician in Van Nuys to Repair Toughest Electrical Issues

With so many expenses you need to deal with, you may think that DIY can help you save money in fixing electrical issues in your house. Indeed, you don’t have to call a residential electrician in Van Nuys to replace a light bulb or plug a surge protector. 

However, if you need installation and upgrades, then make sure to call a licensed electrician.

Residential Electrician in Van Nuys Can Diagnose and Repair 

As mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t attempt to diagnose any electrical issues on your own. Instead, you should call a licensed electrician, like our team at Dales Valley Electric to diagnose and repair whatever electrical issues you are experiencing. 

Diagnose Wiring Issues 

These issues are sometimes hidden. But they can cause electrocution and pose fire risks. In other words, any hidden wiring issues can put your family at risk. That’s why you should schedule an appointment with a residential electrician to check your residence in Van Nuys. At Dales Valley Electric, we offer the electrical inspection at any time. 

Our professional technicians can diagnose them correctly the first time. 

Hot Outlets 

Indeed, electrical appliances can generate heat when you are using them. But the outlet where you plugged the appliance should not get hot. 

If it is hot, make sure to unplug the cord. You must avoid using that outlet until it is diagnosed and repaired by our electrician. 

Burning Smell 

It’s an immediate warning sign if you smell that something is burning. If the wires in your electrical system heat up, it may melt the plastic sheathing causing a fire. 

Make sure to take immediate action. Identify the issue so it is resolved quickly. Our technicians at Dales Valley Electric are well-experienced in this area. You should not diagnose and fix it yourself as you’re only putting yourself at risk of electrocution or igniting a fire. 

Do You Need Electrical Improvements? 

If you’re planning to upgrade your electrical equipment in your house, like you wish to install ceiling fans or electrical panel, then Dales Valley Electrical can handle it. 

Electrical improvements can have a lot of benefits. They can boost the energy-efficiency of your electrical equipment, improve the value of your house, and boost the safety of your dwelling. 

Installation of Outdoor Lighting

There are various affordable lighting solutions on the market. If your home’s lighting is antiquated, make sure that you replace it with modern solutions. Here at Dales Valley Electric, we can install customized lighting solutions for your house.


To avoid electrical issues, though, make sure to have your home electrical system checked by our technicians regularly. Don’t just consult an electrician if there’s a problem in your house. Instead, you need to hire an electrician every year to inspect the electrical system in your house and conduct a maintenance procedure. 

You must schedule an electrical system inspection every five years or as recommended by our electricians. Let our residential electrician in Van Nuys boost your comfort and safety.