Rewiring Your House by Electrician in Chatsworth

Rewiring your house may be necessary. It is a major job that must only be executed by a licensed electrician in Chatsworth.

This job can also be expensive. However, it may be necessary because of the associated risks with old wires.

When it comes to rewiring your house, there are no fast rules here. Keep in mind that old wiring does not necessarily require rewiring. You must also remember that wear and tear will vary. It depends on the usage and type of materials.

Periodic Inspection

To know if your house requires a rewiring, it is ideal that you hire a licensed electrician. At Dales Valley Electric, we offer regular inspection and maintenance.

Our licensed electricians can perform an inspection every 10 years or five years, depending on the type of house you are living in.

Our registered electricians will tell you whether or not your house needs rewiring. They can also determine what kind of rewiring job can be achieved based on your budget.

For a house that is more than three-decade-old with original wiring, it has to be updated to meet the modern requirements and standards. In here, our electricians will replace the fuse box. Then, they will install a modern unit.

Another sign that your house requires rewiring is if the cabling is still lead-insulated or fabric. The modern wires now are coated with PVCu. They are also in white or grey colors.

Electrician in Chatsworth

Consider the Lifespan

Most electrical wires can last for two decades. But they have to be periodically inspected. Regular inspection is vital to avoid losing track of your wiring.

By regularly inspecting your house’s wiring, you will have a peace of mind knowing that your wires are safe and within the modern standards.

If you are planning to sell your house, you should have your dwelling inspected first by our registered electricians. We can provide certification of inspection that you can show to your prospective buyers.

Even if you are not selling your house, rewiring is necessary to ensure that you can use modern devices, like smoke detectors and plastic-insulated wire.

Home Remodeling

Rewiring is also necessary if you are remodeling or extending your house. Work with our electrician in Chatsworth to know if your house requires electric rewiring before or after finishing the project.

Any rewiring job requires an expensive investment. The existing wirings in your house will need to be replaced. In that way, it can endure the extra load of electricity safely.

Be Safe

The most obvious reason why many individuals would opt to rewire their house is safety. By rewiring your house, it gets rid of any electrical problems. When you have a more reliable electrical wiring, you can obtain a better home insurance plan.

Apart from safety, electrical rewiring can affect the sale value of your property. Any house that has been inspected by a specialist will boost its value. When it comes to electrical systems, wiring can be a factor that can affect the overall price tag of your house.

Schedule an appointment with our electrician in Chatsworth and find out whether or not your house requires rewiring. Call us at (818) 875-9003.