Should You Opt for a Freelance Electrician in Chatsworth or a Professional?

Electrical jobs can be intimidating. That’s why most of us would call an electrician to perform the tasks. Nowadays, however, there are several electricians that you can choose from. You might encounter an issue about whether to hire a freelance electrician Chatsworth area or a professional one.It is vital to remember that a freelancer can be a professional electrician. It means that he has a
license to perform any electrical jobs in Chatsworth. However, he may not be a better option.It is vital to remember that your house requires a proper electrical connection. Keep in mind that electricity must not be taken for granted. Else, it can cause harm to your property.There are so many people died because of electrocution and fire as a result of faulty wirings. For that reason, it is vital that you only choose a professional, licensed electrician if you have electrical jobs in Chatsworth. Even though the freelancers you wish to hire are licensed, they are not bonded and insured.
Should You Opt for a Freelance Electrician in Chatsworth or a  Professional

Why Choose a Bonded and Insured Electrician in Chatsworth?

They are a form of protection for you as a consumer. They can guarantee that you are hiring a reputable professional. And if something goes wrong, they can provide a certain form of aid. Bonding, perse, protects you if the electrician could not complete a job or will not pay for permits. At Dales Valley Electric, all of our electricians are bonded. We pay a premium to a surety organization. We can send you our bond number and certification as per request. In that way, you can confirm that we are indeed a bonded electrical company.Apart from the bond, it is also vital to choose an electrician who is insured. There are two types of

One is the liability insurance that includes damages to your property related to the electrical jobs. It
does not cover the repair of shoddy work, which is the task of a bond.

In the worker’s compensation, you will not pay for the hospitalization or medical bills of the
electrician should he sustained injuries while working at your property. With worker’s
compensation, our insurance provider will pay for the injured workers, regardless of who is at fault.

But most freelancers are not bonded and insured. That makes them more dangerous to pick. It is
true that they offer lower rates than a professional electrician. You must never risk your house and
your family’s safety.

However, even though you are hiring a company, it is still vital to check its insurance and bonding

And most of all, you must remember that it is equally vital to make sure that you are satisfied with
the project over the long term.

It will be a waste of time and money hiring a bonded and insured electrical company that cannot
give you a satisfactory result.

At Dales Valley Electric, however, our electricians in Chatsworth are not only properly bonded
and insured but we always guarantee 100% satisfaction to all our electrical jobs. For a free
estimate please call our experts at818-875-9003.