Solar Panels Not Working? Call Porter Ranch Electrician

Solar panels can help you save a ton on your electricity bill, but in order for them to save you money, they have to be working efficiently. A licensed Porter Ranch electrician can assess the issue and get your solar panels running properly in no time.

Porter Ranch electrician

Keep in mind that solar panel technology is complex. Each solar panel or photovoltaic module consists of interconnected solar cells. They’re the ones generating energy for your home. 

Because of the technology’s complexity, it isn’t easy to assess the situation. To bring your system back to its normal energy production, you need the help of a professional. 

Porter Ranch Electrician to Evaluate the Issue 

There are several reasons your solar panel isn’t generating energy. It could be the result of a damaged inverter or a faulty charge controller or simply a crack due to something hitting it too hard.

It is also possible that the solar panel itself isn’t working. As mentioned, the solar panels are interconnected. It means that one fault could shut down the entire system. 

Solar panels malfunction because of several factors, like mechanical, environment, and chemical. Micro-cracks, for instance, can cause the panels to malfunction. 

It’s not typical for solar panels to break completely. That’s why if the entire system isn’t working, it’s likely that the culprit is the inverter or the battery. 

You should not attempt to examine the inverter or the battery on your own. Instead, you must call an electrician to do it. Make sure that he or she has experience in working on solar panels and inverters. 

Never attempt fix any issues about the system by yourself. If you do, it could compromise the warranty with your solar company. Furthermore, repairing the issue by yourself could be dangerous. That’s why you must only allow a qualified electrician to perform the job for you. 

Other Reasons the System is Not Performing as It Should Be

If the battery and inverter are working but the panels are still not generating power, it could be the result of the nearby trees. They can cast shadows on your solar panels. Thus, the cells will no longer be efficient in converting power. 

Another possible reason your system isn’t working is due to overheating. It happens if there’s more heat than the system absorbs resulting in less power to be generated. It’s easy to fix this, though. You just have to connect extra modules. They can relieve the pressure on the system. Furthermore, there must be enough space in the panels so air can circulate properly. 

Or it could be that the panels aren’t properly installed causing bad connections. If this is the cause, then it could lead to an underwhelming amount of generated power. 

There are several reasons your solar panels aren’t working, thereby, not generating enough power. It isn’t easy to diagnose the issue, but with the help of a Porter Ranch electrician, you can get them up and running again in no time. 

That’s why you must let our Porter Ranch electrician check the system. Our electricians at Dales Valley Electric have years of experience in solar installation and repair. Call us today for more information (818) 875-9003