Talk to a Residential Electrician Van Nuys When Home Renovating

Renovating your house in Van Nuys can be a fun and exciting idea. As you take a look at your house and you realize that some parts of your house require some help. Summer is the best time to renovate your house while your kids are gone. But how should you get started? You can start by talking to a residential electrician in Van Nuys


Assessing the Scope with a Residential Electrician in Van Nuys

Talking to an electrician might be the last thing on your mind when it comes to home renovation. Perhaps, the first thing on your list is to contact a designer or a renovator. But a reliable designer would recommend consulting with an electrician during the planning process. 


Electricians are just some of the professionals you must contact when you are planning to undertake a renovation project. The reason for their involvement is that most home renovation project involves wiring. Employing a residential electrician is vital to ensure that the electrical work in your house will be done right the first time. 

residential electrician in Van Nuys


Electrical is one of the things to consider when renovating because it can take a certain portion of your project’s budget. The percentage might not be significant but it can still affect the overall cost. 



When renovating your house, make sure that the design will align with the design of the rest of your house. As you create a cohesive plan, you must include the insights of a professional electrician. He can give ideas on where to put the chandelier, for instance. Then, if you are planning to add some smart devices, you will need the electrician’s input as well. He can help you in the design process as to where to set up those devices and how to hide those cables. Your entire house might also need rewiring to accommodate the new design of your kitchen, bathroom, or living room. Rewiring your house is a complicated task and it must only be done by a professional, licensed electrician. 


Keep in mind that an incorrect home rewiring can increase the risk of electrocution. It is also a fire hazard. The safety of your family must come first. Thus, forgetting to hire a certified electrician will cost more if the rewiring is done incorrectly. At Dales Valley Electric, we recommend house owners in Van Nuys who are planning to renovate their house to ensure that the wiring in their property is in great condition. Our electricians will ensure that there is a sufficient load of breaker system, etc. 


We can deploy our team to install additional outlets and switches, as well as lighting that you need to make your house compatible with the digital age. We will give you an honest assessment of your residential electrical rewiring. In that way, you can compare it with your budget. Since you are renovating, we recommend updating the wiring in your house and upgrading its breaker system. But they are not always necessary. To schedule an appointment with our residential electrician in Van Nuys, please contact (818) 875-9003.