The Specialty Services of a Residential Electrician in Reseda

Most homeowners only consider calling for an electrician when they know they are having trouble with the electricity. It could be an outlet you are having trouble with, light fixtures that constantly flicker , or you experience blown fuses or circuits regularly. Electricians are the ideal people to call for troubleshooting and repair work just like this, but quality electricians can offer you many other services that go beyond repairs. A residential electrician in Reseda like us here at Dales Valley Electric can offer you specialty services to assist you in many ways with your home.
The Specialty Services of a Residential Electrician in Reseda

An Electrician for Outdoor Wiring

More people today are looking to get lighting or electrical work outside the home. For some homeowners, it may be that you want lighting for your patio, your pool area, or lights in your garden. Other people want lighting for security reasons and want automatic lights or motion lights that will activate when movement occurs. In either of these situations, a good electrician can be there for you to give you advice about what lighting is best for you and perform the installation, so you get the lights that you want most.

Inspections by an Electrician

As your residential electrician in Reseda, here at Dales Valley Electric, we offer a home inspection service that can be very valuable to you. We can provide you with a highly detailed inspection of your home, looking at all the living areas of your home. We will take note of electric works in each area to make sure they are up to current codes, are safe, and give you the best options. We will create a report for you that outlines our findings and provides you with recommendations for improvement.

The Residential Electrician of Choice

If you need the specialty services of a residential electrician in Reseda, make sure to contact us here at Dales Valley Electric. With over fifty years of experience in the business, we know how to help homeowners like yourself with any electrical question or situation. You can phone us at 818-875-9003 to schedule a service call or consultation with an electrician so we can discuss your needs and let you know how we can help you and your home. If you prefer to send us a message or want to make an enquiry, please use our online contact form, fill it with your details and message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.