An Unsafe Electric Panel in Chatsworth Poses Risks to You

There it goes again. All you wanted to do was microwave that bowl of soup or make some toast in the toaster, but as soon as you try to do it, you hear the familiar pop as your fuse blows once again. As you mutter in anger and trudge to the basement or out to the garage to flip the circuit back to the proper position, you wonder to yourself what the problem is and how long you will have to do this. Getting the problem addressed is more important than you may realize as an unsafe electric panel in Chatsworth poses serious risks to you, your family, and your home.

The Function of Your Electric Panel

Many homeowners do not fully understand the function of the electrical panel and just how important it is to your home. Your panel helps to regulate the electricity that comes into your home for use. The electrical currents flow from the panel to the different branches of wiring in your home. It is the job of the panel to regulate this flow correctly so that too much of a power surge never reaches one particular area that could cause a spark or a fire to occur. When the panel functions properly, it stops the flow so there is never an overloaded wire that could cause a shock to you.

Do You Need a New Electric Panel?

You may reach a point where you need a new electric panel in Chatsworth if you have recently added new, larger appliances to parts of your home. Adding something like a new central air system, a new, larger refrigerator or washing machine may cause power issues for you. Your home may not be properly wired to handle larger power like this, causing your fuses to blow more often. Getting an upgrade to your panel can help solve this problem for you and eliminate the power problems you experience.

Find Out More about Your Panel

The best and safest way to discover if you need a panel upgrade and service for your electric panel in Chatsworth is to give us a call at Dales Valley Electric. We can send an electrician to your home that can test your panel and discover if there are power issues you need to address to make your home safer and more efficient. Call our office at 818-914-0781, and we will be glad to set up an appointment with you so we can check your panel for you and make it and your electricity safer for you and your family.