We Can Help You Hire a Reliable Electrical Contractor in Chatsworth

The electrical system in your house experiences wear and tear too. That’s why it is vital that it has to be inspected regularly by a licensed electrical contractor in Chatsworth. And Dales Valley Electric can help you out.

Electrical Repairs

Without proper equipment, training and experience, handling electrical repairs can be completely dangerous. For that reason, it is vital to only hire a licensed and reliable commercial electrical contractor in Chatsworth to handle all electrical repair needs.

Electrical Contractor in Chatsworth

When to Call an Electrician in Chatsworth?

One of the reasons homeowners in Chatsworth hire an electrical contractor is that their electrical outlets are causing electrical shocks. It is a sign of an overloaded system or poorly grounded system.

Do not try inspecting it on your own. It has to be probed by a licensed electrician.

Tripped Circuit Breakers

Frequent power interruptions can be the result of tripped circuit breakers. And it is another indication that your electrical system is overloaded or another anomaly.

Our electrical contractor will inspect it and troubleshoot the issue. From there, we can determine the issue and provide you solutions so that the system will be restored properly.

Are Your Lights Flickering?

Flickering lights can be another sign of an electrical wiring error. They are annoying and dangerous. If not fixed properly, they can ignite a fire. Thus, you should call an electrician immediately to replace the faulty wiring.


Do you smell that something is burning even though no one is cooking? A faulty electrical system can cause overheating. If not fixed right away, it can cause an electrical fire.

If you smell burning plastic near the electrical outlets, you should call our hotline immediately. Never ignore a burning smell as it can lead to a fire.

When you see discolored outlets, they can indicate another electrical failure. So, it has to be inspected by a licensed electrician.

Fix Any Electrical Issues

Whether or not that there are electrical issues in your house, it is vital that you have your house inspected regularly by a licensed electrician. Even if you do not notice anything unusual, you must still hire an electrical contractor to inspect the entire electrical system of your house. Keep in mind that prevention is still better than repair.

Our electrical contractor in Chatsworth can look at potential signs of trouble in your electrical system and patch it right away. For any electrical repairs, call our licensed electricians at (818) 875-9003.