What Powers Backup Generators?

A backup generator can regulate your home’s temperature and prevents your food in the refrigerator from spoiling during a major power outage. It can serve as backup power and provide electricity to essential appliances. If you are looking for an ideal backup generator, you should talk to an electrician in Chatsworth first. He can help you explore your options to make sure that you find the right unit for your property’s emergency backup needs. 

Do You need a Chatsworth Electrician to Install Standby Generators? 

Yes, even if you are installing a small portable generator, you still need the assistance of a qualified professional. The electrician can advise you what unit to buy and where to install it on your property. Even though the cost of hiring an electrician can add up to the overall cost of investing in a generator, it is all worth it. 

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What Powers Standby Generators? 

It depends on the unit you wish to purchase. The most cost-effective option is a gasoline generator. It’s available from $550 to $3,000. It’s a popular choice in Chatsworth because gas is readily available. Unfortunately, gasoline can be challenging to store. Plus, it has a short shelf life. During cold weather, a gas-powered generator can face some issues. 

Natural Gas Backup Generator 

The next option is a generator that runs on natural gas. But it has a higher price tag than a gas-powered generator. However, natural gas is more convenient. It doesn’t need fuel storage as it can be easily hooked up to your utility grid. Furthermore, it can work well in cold weather. But it uses more fuel than a gas-powered generator. 

Diesel Type of Generator 

It’s a common option if you have a huge house and a lot of appliances to run. Compared to the other two units mentioned above, a diesel model is more efficient to run. But it’s more expensive than the other two units. You can expect to pay from $3,000 to $15,000. 

Liquid Propane Generator 

This, one, is more eco-friendly because it burns clean and it has a longer shelf life. But you need to store it correctly. Unfortunately, this type of generator won’t last long. Furthermore, the fuel is difficult to store. But it’s cheaper than diesel or natural gas generators. Some units have a price tag that starts at $500 while others can go as high as $6,000. 

Solar Generator 

If you want a more sustainable generator, then a solar generator is your best option. It doesn’t need a constant fuel supply. But you need a bigger unit so it can store enough energy. Furthermore, it requires sun exposure. Thus, if there’s a storm, it may not receive enough solar energy to power it up. In addition to the type of fuel to use to power a generator, you also need to decide how much power do you need during an outage. When you consult with an electrician in Chatsworth, it’s one of the things that you need to consider. But other factors are important, too. If you’re ready to purchase a backup generator, make sure to schedule an appointment here: (818) 649-3163.