Why Call a Residential Electrician in Van Nuys if You Need to Install a New Electrical Outlet?

Any task that involves electricity also involves danger. One of the risks is electrocution. Even a minor job will increase your risk of electric shock. You may also think that installing or wiring an outlet is a simple job. Hence, you are tempted to do it on your own, instead of hiring a residential electrician in Van Nuys.

But it is not a good idea. Here are the reasons.

Outlet Wires are Tricky

Compared to the wires in light switches or electric appliances, outlet wires are complicated. Wiring an outlet incorrectly will cause dangerous electrical issues. You or a family member could be at risk of getting electrocuted.

To be safe, call Dales Valley Electric and our certified electrician will visit your house to perform the task safely and correctly.

Why Call a Residential Electrician in Van Nuys

Not Sure of Correct Outlet Plates

Another thing to consider when wiring an outlet is that the plate and the outlet must be perfectly matched. If not, it would cause electrical issues and shock.

Start Working without Precautions

One of the important things, when our electrician in Van Nuys starts working on anything that involves electricity, is to power off.

Working while the power is on will typically cause electrocution.

However, turning the power off does not only mean unplugging. It also means turning off the entire power at the breaker box.

Failure to do so can cause life-threatening accidents. Our electrician in Van Nuys is acquainted with it and knows how to turn it off.

The electricians at Dales Valley are trained, bonded and insured. We always double-double-check the outlet using the right equipment to ensure that we can start working safely.

No Prior Experience

The tasks of any electricians are not an easy one. If you do not have prior experience in this area, then it is best that you just leave it to the professionals. Never put yourself or the lives of your family members at risk.

Instead, call an electrician near you. You can ask for help when you encounter problems with your electrical outlets in your Van Nuys home.

Dales Valley Electric has started to serve Agoura, Westlake and San Fernando Valley. Our family-owned business specializes in commercial and residential wiring. We can handle new meters, kitchen remodels, electrical panels, recess lighting, etc.

Our residential and commercial electricians can provide you with prompt services for all electrical installation and repair jobs.

Whether you are building a new house, remodeling or moving things around, we can handle every phase of electrical work for your house or business.

Our team of electricians has handled long-term maintenance of office buildings and homes. We have installed electrical devices and provide new wiring.

Whatever electrical work you have, our electricians can build, install or maintain it for you. If you need a high-efficiency system in your house that is cost-effective, just call our team at DaElectrician in Van Nuysles Valley Electric and our electrician will visit your Van Nuys home.

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