Why Schedule an Electrical Inspection with Reseda Electrician Company?

An electrical inspection by a certified Reseda electrician is vital. This type of inspection involves a thorough checkup of the electrical wirings and connection in your home. You can schedule it up every month to help you comply with the law codes and requirements in Reseda. 

Hire Reseda Electrician to Avoid Failing the Electrical Inspection by the Government Reseda Electrician

The government conducts an electrical inspection of some homes to ensure that it complies with the laws. Some homeowners who failed to periodically schedule maintenance with a certified electrician will also fail during the inspection. 

But this type of inspection is not just to comply with the laws but it’s also important to protect your house. An electrical inspection can prevent possible surges. They are pretty common during a storm. Surges can ruin your appliances. They also create short circuits. 

During the inspection, our electrician will evaluate and check various points in the wiring to find possible mishaps that might cause surges. 

Short circuits can usually happen in old houses or outdated electrical systems. An electrical short circuit is one of the reasons for a fire break out in a house. These short circuits are a result of different loose wires in the cabling or the meter. Our electricians will find these faults and rectify them to prevent short circuits. 

An electrical inspection will also find electrical issues that may cause a surging electric current in your body when you touch an appliance. Shocks may sometimes be harmless but they can also be lethal. 

Did You Fail in the City’s Electrical Inspection? 

If you failed during the electrical inspection conducted by the government, then it’s ideal that you contact our certified electrician to rectify all issues found. You should only hire a certified and trained electrician to work in your house to ensure that all issues are resolved properly. Hiring a novice person would only damage the connections that could easily lead to a disaster.  

Once all issues have been rectified, you can be sure that you will pass during the follow-up inspection. You can also avoid paying hefty fines and penalties. 

The electrical inspection that we conduct involves preventive maintenance. It’s not a new concept. Some homeowners would question it. They just ask what could go wrong with their electrical system. 

But we always reply that a lot of things can go wrong if the electrical system is not properly maintained. For one, if the electrical panels are not properly cleaned, they can accumulate dust and dirt. These loose connections can cause a high resistance path that can lead to electrical failures. 

Through a comprehensive preventive maintenance program, all electrical issues can be corrupted before they become severe. 

Then again, you should only hire qualified personnel to do preventive maintenance. Here at Dales Valley Electric, we only employ electricians with a full understanding of the functionality of the electrical equation and knowledge about the electrical safety procedures and practices. They are also trained to handle high-voltage equipment. 

To schedule an electrical inspection or preventive maintenance, please call our Reseda electrician today at (818) 875-9003.